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Ph. D. Program

The SMBB Chair is going to start Ph. D. program as per the objectives of the Chair. The Chair will contribute in imparting higher education to the students from across the country.

Courses for Ph. D.

Semester 1:

S. No.Course No.Course TitleCredit HoursPage No.
1.SMBBC-801Benazir Bhutto’s Views on Democracy And Feudalism  03  26
2.SMBBC-803Regional Peace03    28
3.  SMBBC-805Civil Military Relationship0331  

Semester 2:

S. No.Course NoCourse TitleCredit HoursPage No.
1.SMBBC-802Political Journey of Benazir Bhutto  03  35
2.SMBBC-804Benazir Bhutto and Democracy03  39
3.  SMBBC-806Political Discourse and Benazir Bhutto0342